Blackjack Guide

If you are looking for a game where you have to use your mind. Where strategy, tactics and luck combine to a mixture of pure excitement and fun, then Blackjack, or 21 is the game for you.

21 is the most popular table casino game around the world. It can be found and played in both US, European and online casinos.

Our Blackjack section offers you all you need to know to get you going in this wonderful game. Beginners can learn the games rules or use the strategy chart for the optimal game moves. Advanced players can get some info about the intriguing art of counting cards.

Players of all levels can also enjoy our free Flash game, where you can play in a real life, real casino atmosphere.

So go ahead and go to the page that most suits your needs.


Rules of the Game

From the table set up, values of the cards and payoffs to players moves, this article depicts all the major rules of 21.


Basic Strategy

Don’t start playing for real money before you have either memorized it or have it with you. The Basic Strategy tells you what is your best move in every hand.


Counting Cards

The most exciting part of 21, counting card has made a lot of money for some brilliant, brave people. Read all about it and see if you have got it in you.