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The Game of Roulette

Every time you think about casino probably the first game that comes to mind is the roulette. It is without doubt the most classic and well known among all casino games. Invented in France in the eighteenth century, the game has spread rapidly to other parts of the world. Every region has developed its specific rules variations, so today you can play French, European and American Roulette. All variations are based on the same concept but have some minor changes.

The game is very simple. The Roulette wheel consists of 37 numbered squares, painted in red and black (green box to zero). Betting alternatives are varied. You can bet on one number, two numbers, a color or even on even/odd numbers. The higher your odds for winning the smaller you payout will be. Once the bets are completed the dealer calls the famous phrase: "No more bets", throws the ball to one direction and spins wheel to the other direction. When the ball lands in one of the squares of the wheel, the winners and losers are determined. It's a game where fate plays a crucial role, leaving little room for experience, knowledge or strategy.

Precisely because of its ease of play, which offers equal winning opportunities to both professionals and novices, roulette has millions of fans around the world. Now with online version of the game, they can play their favorite version of the game when every they want where ever they want. All the major online casinos offer most variations in a download or a flash version. They also offer a free demo version where you can play for as long as you want.

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Roulette Guide

A free guide to Roulette. Learn how to play Roulette with articles about rules of Roulette, glossary of terms and free practice.

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Rules of the Game

The MUST article for beginners, explaining the table layout, wheel structure and betting process. Get it all in this detailed, easy to read article.

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Learn all the important terms in the game, so you know exactly what the croupier and your fellow players are saying. This is a short list of all the major terms in the game.