Roulette Guide

The game of roulette has been a major fixture of casinos world wide ever since it was invented back in the 18th century. It has always been a popular game and it is easy to see why, with its simple and exciting nature.

The game always has an air of regency about it with a lot of movie coverage and media resources depicting roulette to be a game for the rich and wealthy. The drama and suspense of the game makes it a real adrenalin pusher for the players and it always draws a decent spectator crowd due to its excitement and intensity. The pause of the ball spinning before it finally rests is excitement at its finest in the casino domain.

The game has been altered in various parts of the world with European, and American versions of the game being developed. There is a myriad of betting systems and strategies to play.

Roulette is known by many as the 'King of the Casino Games' and it is easy to see how. No other casino game has the magic, the myth and the mystery that roulette holds. So if you want to learn this game go ahead and dig into this easy to read, fun and friendly guide.

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Rules of the Game

The MUST article for beginners, explaining the table layout, wheel structure and betting process. Get it all in this detailed, easy to read article.

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Learn all the important terms in the game, so you know exactly what the croupier and your fellow players are saying. This is a short list of all the major terms in the game.