Online Video Poker

Ever since their inception in the 1970s, video poker machines have been constantly growing in popularity and transforming as technology improves throughout the ages. They resemble a slot machine in the manner of which they are presented but have the lure of skill and a tactical approach (or at least the illusion of them) that slot machines lack.

They started out as a 'Five Card Draw Poker' variation but as they have grown in prominence and popularity they have now consumed more games such as Texas Hold'em, 7 Card Stud and Omaha. Now, the choice of games variations is overwhelming.

But even today, the most common type of the game is the Five Card Draw. In this variety of the game the payoff begins from a pair of Jacks. Other popular variations include 'Tens or Better' (minimum pay off starts at a pair of tens) and 'Deuces Wild' (where the two card is wild and can represent any value).

It has become more popular because, as is the case with the online card game, it allows the more shy players to remove the confrontational aspect of the live version of the game. Often players found themselves threatened and bullied at the live tables so this gives the less domineering players a chance to use their skill and tactics against a personality absent computer. In that sense it requires slightly less skill but it still offers a realistic simulation of a real game of cards, except with no chips, table or the physical cards.

Online video poker is also extremely popular. Unlike other online casino games, the online version of this game can be totally identical to the original, land based casino game, which makes the game's fans even more inclined to play it on the internet.

It might be assumed that because every computer program that of the game's simulation is controlled by the casino that it can be manipulated. However, the Nevada Gaming Commission seeks to ensure all casinos adopt a complete random program for their machines to avoid any fixing before they are released for public use.


Video Poker Rules

A step by step tutorial to the game, teaching you how to select your favorite game, how to play it, and hopefully how to win it.


Poker Hand Rankings

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