Video Poker Rules

Video Poker is different to the table version of the game. You don't play against other players, don't have to beat the other players' hands, but simply put a bet in the machine and aim to reach the hand that will provide you with the highest payout. In a way it is a crossbreeding between Table Poker and Slots. So there is an amount of skill involved, or at least an illusion of it, which makes it more challenging than slots. That is why Video Poker Rules are different from those other two games.

In any case learning how to play Video Poker is very easy. To start your play, you need to put money into the slot of the machine. This will activate the game. The cards are generated by a random values generator within the machine. They will appear on the screen and that is where the game is viewed and played.

Five Card Draw is the main variation in use but there have been variations such as seven card stud that have been introduced. They are not as popular as the five card Draw option though. There is no dealer's hand and there are no other players to compete against. You are simply playing your cards against the scoring system the machine has for different hands.

The cards are dealt on the screen and any winnings the player earns are changed into credits which the player can either cash out or bet further. When the player receives his cards he can either get a new card, or cards in an attempt to improve his hand or settle with what he has if he feels it is strong enough to earn cash.

The cards values are as per usual in poker. Ace can be ranked as a high or low, depending on the cards that are drawn. Then there are the numbers 1-10 followed by Jack, Queen and King.

You receive credits based on the value of your hand, and the amount of your bet. So the better your hand the more credits you shall receive. The credit system appears at the top of the machine, and every machine may have its own variation. The most popular one is the one where credits are given for a pair of Jacks or Better. Before you start playing make sure you are familiar with the credit system of the machine and its effect on your payouts.