Casino Games

Playing the casino can be a wonderful, exciting experience. Whether you play in a land based or online casino, you can never get tired of the fast paced, thrilling games. In order to get the most of your gaming experience, it is highly recommended to know the basic rules of the games you intend to play. Whether it is the easy to operate slot machines, or the more complicated and strategy driven Blackjack, you should always start your gambling experience with at least the basic knowledge of the game.

For that purpose exactly we have created our casino games tutorial. Our short, easy to read tutorial gives you the basic information that you need to get you started in the major, most popular casino games. Roulette, Blackjack, Slot Machines and Video Poker, find all the information you need about these popular games.

After you have familiarized yourself with the basics of the games, it is highly recommended to practice your game with the free practice games. To use this tool, press the 'Practice for Free' phrase in each game section.

Then when you have had enough practicing and you feel that you are ready to hit the real money table, go to our online casinos list to choose the best casino for you. Don't forget to claim your sign up bonus.


An easy, straight forward and exciting table game: Bet on number/color combinations by placing your chips on the betting area of the roulette table.

You have several betting alternatives, offering various payouts. The more specific your bet, the higher the payout.

Win if the ball, spinning at the wheel falls at the roulette wheel pocket baring your number/color combination.

The game has two major varieties, American and European Roulette. American Roulette has one more number on the table, so its odds for winning are slightly less attractive.

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Blackjack (21)

A popular card game, played against the dealer.

Win when your hand is closer than the dealer's hand to 21. Exceed 21 and you BUST, and lose the hand.

Participants get two initial cards, face up. One of the dealer's initial cards is dealt face down.

If the initial cards add up to 21 it's the winning Blackjack hand. Otherwise the game proceeds.

The player may chose to HIT (take another card), STAND (keep his cards), DOUBLE his bet, or SPLIT his hand if he has identical cards. It is recommended to use the strategy chart when making a choice.

Then the dealer completes his moves, according to his predetermined set of rules, appearing on the Blackjack table, and the winner is determined.

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The most popular casino game in the world.

It is also the easiest game. all you have to do is the slot machine's button and hope that the machine provides you with one of the winning combinations.

The winning combinations usually appear on the screen, in the slot machine.

Online casinos offer a never ending variety of slots machines, with different designs, themes and payouts.

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Video Poker

Another popular game, offering players a combination between the strategy driven table poker and the hectic slots machines.

Offer experienced players an opportunity for the lowest possible house advantage.

Bet by selecting the number of coins and press DEAL to get the initial 5 cards hand. Then press on each card you want to keep. Press DRAW to replace the other cards and determine the final hand.

Win according to the hand ranking appearing on the machine.

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